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Surrealist NYC

Fascinating stories on this new blog about the Surrealists in exile in New York…



(Cover: Max Ernst; image credit: James Cummins Bookseller)

In June, 1942, André Breton officially launched Surrealism Overseas with the publication of the first issue of VVV in New York. He and Max Ernst advised David Hare and Lionel Abel in selecting and editing articles for the…

Every good human quality is related to a bad one into which it threatens to pass over; and every bad quality is similarly related to a good one. The reason we so often misunderstand people is that when we first make their acquaintance we mistake their bad qualities for the related good one, or vice versa: thus a prudent man will seem cowardly, a thrifty one avaricious; or a spendthrift will seem liberal, a boor frank and straightforward, an impudent fellow full of noble self-confidence, and so on.

Mr. Simpson said the technology was originally designed for shipping goods and for cattle. “It was never intended for people,” he said.

—Chammah and Swartsell, “Student IDs That Track the Students”, New York Times: Oct 7th 2012 [via New-Aesthetic Tumblr]

I didn’t know how close [the Short Story form] is to song, how much it depends on rhythm. When I learned that I was rather pleased that something could come to me as an image and that I could work with that, that I was working much more from rhythm and images than, say, from characters, plots, and ideas.

—Colm Tóibín, Penguin Podcast, May 2012: URL

The Culture Singularity

"We’re close to a world where culture automatically and magically creates infinitely more culture."
-Mike Rugnetta, “Are Memes & Internet Culture Creating a Singularity?”, PBS Ideas Channel, 22 Aug 2012: URL

The problem of our age is the proper administration of wealth, so that the ties of brotherhood may still bind together the rich and poor in harmonious relationship.

Andrew Carnegie, “The Gospel of Wealth”

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I happen to believe that the filter process in apps like Instagram and now increasingly pervasive across digital photography is a semi-conscious process of legitimisation in time, engraining disposable images of the moment with a patina of memory and experience, in order to save and justify them.

—James Bridle, June 2012: